A little bit about me

I’m a born and bred Colchester girl. Sure, I love a nice holiday, but I also love ‘home’. I live with my Husband Ben, our 2 year old daughter, and our fur-baby Sidney. I’m lucky to say that I am really close with my Sister, Mum and Dad (who all willingly offered their feet up to me when I needed to practice during training). Family has always been important to me, so it hit me hard when we were struggling to have a baby. We tried for many years, and along the way tried many different options. We were so lucky that IVF worked for us on the 2nd round. I count my blessings everyday.A biaboume, here at Lizzie Potter Therapy.

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to work with and help people. At first I considered nursing (which is a bit of a family career choice), but I decided instead to train to be a Social Worker. I qualified as a Social Worker in 2008 and worked for the local authority for just under 10 years. I absolutely loved working with people (I have always worked with adults with disabilities). Nevertheless, I didn’t love the bureaucracy, some of the decisions being made above my head, or the stress.

Just over 6 years ago I decided to move into a slightly different field where I could still use my Social Work skills. I then had a smaller caseload and worked for an absolutely amazing company. The company was then bought out and things went downhill, so I then took that opportunity to fly solo and I’m now completely self-employed, which can be scary, but also allows more flexibility to provide a nice balance of reflexology, family life and social work.

In my spare time I enjoy cuddling my gorgeous dog Sidney, having chilled days on the sofa, walking in nature, reading, having Reflexology and seeing my lovely friends and family.

So why Reflexology?

I have been lucky to receive Reflexology many times throughout my life. My Mum’s best friend is a Reflexologist and when I hurt my knee at school, she gave me reflexology. I swore at the time that it helped. Over the years, I have had reflexology from many different people and no matter what, I have always felt so much more relaxed after a session. The great thing about reflexology is you can dip in and out of it when you feel it is needed. Or, you can have weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions – it’s flexible to what you need and want. I have reflexology once every 4-5 weeks and definitely feel the difference before and after a session. My recommendation to people is to come for reflexology once every 4-5 weeks if they can.

I was completely heartbroken when my life-long best friend Gemma was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. She took so much comfort from complementary therapies (both physically and emotionally). When Gemma was receiving end of life care in St Helena Hospice she told me how much she looked forward to and enjoyed her Reflexology and Reiki sessions. I remember thinking at the time how amazing it would be to give someone the same comfort that she received.

7 months after Gemma passed, I woke up one morning with the strongest feeling – I needed to look into how I could become a Reflexologist. I did some research and found lots of online courses (that don’t give you a qualification any insurers will accept). However, I found an Association of Reflexologist Accredited School – Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies. With this course, I would have an accredited qualification that meant I would be able to get insurance to practice. So, I signed myself up for their next course. I absolutely LOVED the course, it never felt like a chore and it was just all so, so interesting!

I am still keen to keep learning about Reflexology and since my initial qualification I have also trained in Maternity & Postpartum Reflexology, Crystal Therapy & Crystal Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, and Zone Face Lift (for more information about facial reflexology and zone face lift please click here)

Reflexology amazes me!

Now, I like to think myself as a healthy sceptic, so I am not afraid to say that I still get shocked by the ‘power of reflexology’. How can touching someone’s foot or hand take their stress away? Or help them to sleep better, or help relieve the tension and pain they have in their shoulder? I still don’t fully understand how it works because the science hasn’t caught up with us yet. However, time and time again, I am amazed at what Reflexology can do.

Reflexology works differently for different people, I am not going to claim it will cure disease or stop you getting stressed whatsoever. However, I can say that Reflexology can help people to relax, release tension, improve mood, aid sleep and promote overall wellbeing. Reflexology really can have such a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing. And, I absolutely love giving Reflexology! This is why I launched Lizzie Potter Therapy. If you would like more information about Lizzie Potter Therapy please do get in touch.

If you would like more information about Reflexology, please click here.

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