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I offer a range of exceptional services designed to allow you ultimate relaxation, better sleep, improved mood, reduced tension and improved wellbeing. Each treatment is tailored to you and your unique needs. Reflexology treatments in Colchester

Reflexology Treatments Colchester


Foot Reflexology £49

60 minutes

The original, beautifully relaxing reflexology. Boost your sleep, mood and wellbeing with reflexology. It can also reduce tension. I recommend monthly sessions (or more frequent) to get the best results.


Facial Reflexology £56

60 minutes

Reflexology, on your face! With some super relaxing, tension busting facial massage. May help reduce tension headaches, bruxism and sinus congestion.
*Foot & Facial Combos available – please see below*

Facial Reflexology Treatments Colchester
Pregnancy Reflexology Colchester


Pregnancy or Postnatal Reflexology £49

60 minutes.

Perfect for pregnant & new mamas; a bespoke Reflexology treatment for any trimester or postpartum period.
(In this photo, I am at a pregnancy event, not in my clinic room )


Crystal Reflexology £57-£64

60 minutes.

Reflexology but super boosted! This session consists of a Foot or Facial Reflexology session, with crystals placed at any chakras that ‘needs’ a little extra support.

Crystal Reflexology Colchester
crystal prescription amethyst


Crystal Prescription £87 – COMING SOON

60 minutes

This beautiful treatment consists of a foot crystal reflexology session, and your own crystal prescription: a bespoke set of crystals, one for each chakra (7) to take home with you.


Foot & Facial Reflexology Combos £67-77

Can’t choose between Foot or Facial Reflexology? You don’t have to! You can enjoy a 75 minute or 90 minute combination of both.
Relaxation from Head to Toe (literally!)

Reflexology Treatments Colchester
Zone Face Lift Colchester


Facial Reflexology with Uplifting Facial Massage & Gua Sha £64-84

60 or 90 minutes.

Naturally lift your spirit and face. Super relaxing with potential aesthetic benefits too. Gua sha may help define your jaw & face, includes uplifting massage and lymphatic drainage.


Baby & Toddler Reflexology £30

20-25 minutes.

Baby reflexology is amazing. I’ll apply reflexology to your little one and will also show Mum/Dad a few areas you can work on at home too. Baby will often tell us 20 mins is enough.

baby reflexology colchester


VIP Treatment 1:
Facial Reflexology, Facial Massage, Gua Sha, and Foot Reflexology £114.00

2 hours

A special treatment to lift your spirit & face, whilst relaxing you even deeper with foot reflexology. This is a gorgeous combination of some of my most popular treatments. To really help you to feel more like you again.


COMING SOON – VIP Treatment 2:
Crystal Therapy, Crystal Prescription Facial Reflexology, Facial Massage, Gua Sha and Foot Reflexology £167

2 hours 15 minutes

Relaxation from head to toe; root to crown chakra with the crystal therapy to ‘super boost’ your treatment.

Probably the most relaxing 2 hours 15 minutes of your month, plus a goodie bag of 7 crystals & a sample size of the award winning facial elixir to take home with you!


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