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Lizzie Potter Therapy offers relaxing and rebalancing reflexology in Colchester, Essex.

Foot Map

Why Reflexology?

Reflexology can reduce tension, improve mood, promote wellbeing and aid sleep, most people also find it to be extremely relaxing.

Reflexology is based on the ethos that areas of your feet and hands mirror a part of your body. On the left is an example of a ‘foot map’ by the Association of Reflexologists, of whom I am a member. In a session I will gently massage these areas on your feet or hands.

If you would like more information about Reflexology please click here.

Recent Blog Posts

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  • The Benefits of Baby Reflexology for Improved Sleep
    As a Mum to a little one myself, I know that as Parents we know how important it is for our little ones to get a good night’s sleep. However, achieving this can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. One natural way to promote better sleep for babies is through reflexology. As a qualified reflexologist in Colchester, Essex, I have seen how this gentle therapy can make a significant difference in improving sleep patterns for infants. In this blog post, I’ll explore the benefits of baby reflexology and how it can help your baby sleep better (and ultimately you too). What… Read more: The Benefits of Baby Reflexology for Improved Sleep
  • The Body’s Electrical Fields and Vibrations of the Heart
    The human body is an intricate network of energy, constantly emitting and receiving electric signals that influence our overall health and well-being. Among the various organs, the heart stands out as a powerful generator of electric energy, playing a crucial role in our physical and emotional states. I am fascinated by the subtle energies of the human body and how reflexology and crystals may be able to support. The Electric Fields of the Human Body Every atom in our body generates its own electric field due to the movement of electrons. When these atoms combine to form cells and tissues,… Read more: The Body’s Electrical Fields and Vibrations of the Heart
  • The health benefits of sleeping well
    In our busy lives, quality sleep often takes a backseat, yet it’s one of the most crucial pillars of health and well-being. Getting enough restful sleep is essential for physical health, mental clarity, and emotional stability. As a qualified reflexologist in Colchester, Essex, I have seen first-hand how improving sleep can transform lives, builds resilience and boosts mood. Reflexology can support better sleep, which in turn your body will be thanking you for. The Health Benefits of Quality Sleep How Reflexology Can Improve Sleep Reflexology is a natural therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands,… Read more: The health benefits of sleeping well

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Lizzie Potter Reflexology is a full member of the association of reflexologists

A Full Member of Association of Reflexologists

Lizzie Potter Reflexology Colchester


I was highly recommended by Colchester Gazette. Please check out the 5 star review from Colchester Gazette by clicking here.

Lou - Lizzie Potter Reflexology Colchester

I had never had reflexology before but Lizzie explained everything to me before she started and instantly put me at ease. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep within a few minutes and then I felt really relaxed all day. Once she knew I had an ear-ache without me telling her, and then another week she knew I was having trouble with my knee, she could tell this from my feet, it is like she read my feet like a book! I now try and see her once a month but there is no hard-sell from her to book again, which I like.


Chloe - Lizzie Potter Reflexology Colchester

I was sceptical of reflexology at first and was a bit nervous of the experience but my friend recommended Lizzie’s service and now I’m a regular. I’m quite an anxious person and my anxiety manifests in various ways such as trouble with pain in my shoulders where I hold myself awkwardly when stressed. But since having sessions regularly I notice this has eased over time and I find myself completely relaxing during the sessions, and my relaxation lasts well into the week. Anyway – I cannot recommend this enough, if you are stressed or anxious like me try it – you won’t be disappointed!