Maternity Pregnancy Reflexology Colchester

maternity pregnancy reflexology colchester

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Are you pregnant and looking for maternity reflexology in Colchester?

Maternity/Pregnancy reflexology is such a lovely treatment! I know, because I had reflexology all the way through my pregnancy. So I am so excited to offer this as one of my services for the ladies in Colchester as an Advanced Maternity Reflexologist.

Reflexology has some brilliant benefits including aiding sleep, relieving tension, relaxation, improving wellbeing and mood. I am trained as an Advanced Maternity reflexologist, which enables me to provide a bespoke treatment to you, whether you’re in your first, second or third trimester, or if you’re at your estimated due date.

I can also add in some extra moves to support with things like lymphatic drainage if you’re experiencing swollen feet and/or ankles (oedema); nausea; pelvic girdle pain; or just general aches & pains from growing another little human. That is what makes reflexology so great; I can adapt it to you!

Common Q&As for Maternity/Pregnancy Reflexology

Can I have reflexology in my first trimester?

Yes absolutely! I adapt the treatment for each trimester, to support you in the areas you need at that time. You can have reflexology from the moment of conception right up to when you’re in labour. I had reflexology myself all the way through my pregnancy.

You may see that not all reflexologists will treat ladies in their first trimester. However, that is often due to them not having the specific training (which I have).

The risk of miscarriage significantly decreases in the second trimester, which is another reason often people think they shouldn’t do anything in the first trimester. However, please do be reassured that reflexology cannot cause a miscarriage. Unfortunately, the sad reality is if the body is going to miscarriage, it will do so with or without reflexology.

I have experienced miscarriages before, is this reflexology suitable for me?

I am so sorry for your loss or losses and sending you a virtual hug! If you have had more than two miscarriages, I would ask that you get those investigated if you haven’t already, because this can often indicate an underlying issue. So if you have had two miscarriages or more and these haven’t yet been investigated, please do get in touch with your GP.

If you have had less than 2 miscarriages, or you know the cause of your miscarriages and are receiving treatment throughout this pregnancy for the cause, then yes, absolutely please do book in.

How much does it cost?

£45.00 for an hour.

What does the session involve?

I ask that you complete a consultation form before you arrive (this is emailed to you) so we can spend more time on the good stuff, rather than the paperwork. I may double check to see if there is anything else to add to the consultation form, and will ask if there is anything specific you want me to focus on for the session.

You will be sitting in a comfy chair that can recline, or if you’re in your second or third trimester I will keep you seated upright and I’ll pop your feet up onto a footstool (it’s still very comfy). I will offer you a blanket so you can get really cosy.

I will start the session with a short meditation to support you to really relax and connect with your baby. Once that has finished I then go straight into the foot reflexology sequences.

If you’ve never tried meditation before, please do give it a try. It’s not ‘woo woo’ and is a brilliant tool to help get back in touch with your body & connect with your baby. A lot of people who were cynics before say it’s actually their favourite part of the treatment.

How can I book?

If you’re a new customer please get in touch so I can get you added onto my booking system. You can either call/text/whatsapp me on 07969680289, email me at or get in touch via my contact form on my ‘contact’ page.

Where did you train?

I did my reflexology diploma training at the Jackie Hamilton School, and my Advanced Maternity training with Denise Beecham who is a reflexology teacher with over 20 years experience in supporting maternity clients.