Facial Reflexology with Uplifting Facial Massage & Gua Sha

Facial Reflexology with Uplifting Facial Massage & Gua Sha.

(AKA Zone Face Lift)
Are you looking for relaxing reflexology that may also potentially bring some aesthetic benefits too? If so then this Facial Reflexology with Uplifting Facial Massage & Gua Sha treatment may be for you! 
Zone Face Lift Colchester results
Ben found the sessions really relaxing. You can see that his frown lines were more shallow (the pictures don’t do it justice to how much they softened). His eyes also looked less tired, his skin felt healthier and his jaw was more defined. Colchester
Zone Face Lift Colchester
Louisa was really pleased with the results after one session. You can see a softening of the lines on her forehead (in between eyebrows), her eyelids were lifted and she was most amazed at how her face felt less puffy and jaw became more defined.
Zone Face Lift before and after 3 sessions

Here is another of my lovely Colchester-based Zone Face Lift clients. She was hoping that Zone Face Lift would reduce the puffiness in her face, and help to define her jawline. You can see from this before and after that it has done this, as well as smoothing out some fine lines, significantly reducing and smoothing her neck. Her skin tone was also more balanced, and the skin felt smoother & tighter. What is also really lovely with her results is that with each session, she notices the results are lasting longer. You often do find a culmulative effect with zone face lift

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How this treatment was created

This treatment includes facial reflexology, uplifting facial massage, gua sha and other tools. It is inspired by traditional reflexology and ancient healing techniques. It was created by the award winning Ziggie Bergman, who branded the treatment as Zone Face Lift (however, I have found that many people do not know what to expect from Zone Face Lift so I now call it Facial Reflexology with Uplifting Facial Massage & Gua Sha.)

You can choose from a 60 minute or 90 minute session. Each starts with a full Facial Reflexology treatment. The sessions also include uplifting massage, pressure points, and a number of tools including a crystal Gua Sha. I also use the award-winning Facial Elixir (oil), for a more luxurious treatment. I was one of the first in Colchester to train in Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift approximately 4 years ago.


As you can see some people have amazing results! As well as the physical result, people often report feeling very relaxed (and it is quite common to fall asleep during the treatment and sleep really well that night). It has all of the benefits of Facial Reflexology; it may relieve facial tension (including tension headaches), it may also assist with sinuses and supporting people with facial paralysis or Bells Palsy.

You can see a ‘before and after’ photo of Ian at the bottom of this page. Ian came to see me due to facial paralysis on one side of his face after a severe ear infection. Ian emailed me after sessions to say he felt like he was less decongested and could see an improvement in his face. He also reported sleeping very well and finding the sessions really relaxing.

Everyone is unique, as are their circumstances. If you are looking to achieve the most of the aesthetic benefits then people often see the best results from a 12 Week Programme. However, I appreciate this isn’t always possible or suitable for everyone. I would recommend a minimum of 3 sessions, preferably once a week or fortnight for the best long-term results. It is then recommended to have maintenance sessions once every 4-6 weeks.

Treatment plans are bespoke and customised to best serve each person.

Zone Face Lift Colchester

Uplifting Facial Massage & Gua Sha Before and After

Katrina felt her skin was softer and less blotchy, her eyes were lifted and her headaches had reduced.

Ian’s forehead and smile lines had softened. He felt he had noticed an improvement in his face and he felt his sinuses were less congested.


Lizzie Potter Therapy – Colchester Zone Face Lift
Facial Reflexology with Uplifting Massage & Gua Sha

Zone Face Lift Colchester