Mother and Baby Reflexology Colchester (Dad's Welcome too!)

Parent & Baby Reflexology

I am here to help you and baby relax!

As a Mother to a young baby myself, I know the struggle of finding any time to relax. Everything becomes about that gorgeous baby of yours, and you don’t want to or can’t leave them with anyone else. However, in Mother and Baby Reflexology sessions, you can bring your little one to the session and you both get the opportunity for a lovely Reflexology treatment.

As a Mum or Dad you probably need the benefits of Reflexology more now than ever. Reflexology can reduce tension, improve mood, promote wellbeing and aid sleep, most people also find it to be extremely relaxing.

What to expect in a Mother and Baby Reflexology session

Both Mum (or Dad) and baby will get some Reflexology during the session. Babies and children only usually tend to tolerate short treatments (usually they let me know when they have had enough), and so the rest of the time I would do your feet.

I will always go with the flow, so I will usually go with baby’s cues as to whether we do baby’s feet first, or yours. 

For baby’s reflexology we can either lay them down on a comfy mat, or you can hold them – whichever works best for you and baby!

For your reflexology I will usually do this in my reclining chair. You can either hold baby while you lay back (I have tried this out with my baby and it does work), or if you’re happy to, they can play on the floor next to you, or sit in their carseat etc. – again it is whatever works best for you and baby.

I would have asked you to fill in an online consultation form which I email to you before the session. If you can complete this before you arrive, then we can do less paperwork and more relaxation during the session. I will ask you what you would like to achieve during the session. Most adults say they would like to relax, but if you would like me to focus on a certain issue for the baby (such as teething), I will focus on those areas on the baby. I can also show you a short 4 or 5 step sequence you can do at home on your baby in between sessions. 

Benefits of Mother & Baby Reflexology

Just like for adults, reflexology can also have the same benefits for babies, toddlers and children:

  • can aid sleep (which we all know is quite an elusive thing as parents to little ones)
  • relieving tension (which in turn can have some great health and emotional benefits)
  • improving mood & wellbeing (who doesn’t want a happy baby!?)
  • relaxing your little one

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to do anything to prepare?  I would suggest if possible bringing the baby in an outfit I can easily access their feet (ie leggings and socks). I would also recommend completing the consultation form before you arrive (I email the link to you), so we can spend more time doing reflexology and less time on the paperwork.

What if my baby is asleep the whole time? – I can still work on their little feet if you would like me to, I would probably suggest waiting until the end so you can get an uninterrupted relaxing pamper first though.

What if my baby cries – firstly please don’t worry if they do. Babies cry, and having a baby myself I totally understand! If we need to temporarily pause yours or their treatment while baby is sorted out, that’s fine!

What if I need to feed them, or change a nappy – that really isn’t a problem at all! You are very welcome to do whatever you need to (including breastfeeding) for your baby during the session. 

Can I hold my baby when I have Reflexology – absolutely! 

Can I chose between Foot or Facial Reflexology? – yes absolutely if you would prefer that rather than Foot Reflexology! However, I would recommend that we do Foot Reflexology for your little one, because they can be quite fidgety so feet is usually much easier (for everyone).

How to Book & Cost

 If you’re a new client – it would be lovely to meet you and baby please click here to contact me  or feel free to pop me a message on social media or email me at . If you’re an existing client, you can book your next session via my booking page 

Each 60 minute session is £45 for Foot Reflexology (for Parent and Baby), or £48 for Facial Reflexology for Parent (& Foot for baby). This includes the reflexology treatment for baby & yourself, plus some bonus guidance (if you would like it) about how you support your baby with reflexology at home.