Baby & Toddler Reflexology

Mother and Baby Reflexology Colchester (Dad's Welcome too!)

Baby & Toddler Reflexology

Baby & Toddler Reflexology is amazing!

As a Mother to little girl,  I know just how much reflexology helped her. I have also worked on other little babies and toddlers who have benefited just as much!

What to expect in a Baby & Toddler Reflexology session

I will usually ask you if there is anything specific you would like me to ‘work on’ with reflexology. Some people would like me to focus on working on the areas that may help digestion/constipation for their little one, others would like me to focus on things like reflux, teething, hiccups, or the biggie: sleep & relaxation.

I will always go with the flow, so I will usually go with baby’s cues and I have found from experience, that a 20 minute appointment is often enough for them. They have tiny little feet so a routine that may take an hour for an adult, will only take a few minutes on their feet so they are still getting a lot of benefits. 

For their reflexology we can either lay them down on my massage couch, on the floor (on a pillow), or you can hold them – whichever works best for you and baby!

I will work on the baby’s feet but I will explain what I am doing and also show you a short 4 or 5 step sequence you can do at home on your baby in between sessions. And, if you would like, you could try the routine while you’re in the appointment. I can also send you the routine by email so you can have this to hand.

Benefits of Baby & Toddler Reflexology

Just like for adults, reflexology can also have the same benefits for babies, toddlers and children:

  • can aid sleep (which we all know is quite an elusive thing as parents to little ones)
  • relieving tension (which in turn can have some great health and emotional benefits)
  • improving mood & wellbeing (who doesn’t want a happy baby!?)
  • relaxing your little one

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to do anything to prepare?  I would suggest if possible bringing the baby in an outfit I can easily access their feet (ie leggings and socks). 

What if my baby is asleep the whole time? – I can still work on their little feet. I have worked on asleep and awake babies.

What if my baby cries – firstly please don’t worry if they do. Babies cry, and having a baby myself I totally understand! If we need to temporarily pause their treatment while baby is sorted out, that’s fine!

What if I need to feed them, or change a nappy – that really isn’t a problem at all! You are very welcome to do whatever you need to (including breastfeeding) for your child during the session. 

Can I hold my baby when they have Reflexology – absolutely! 

How many sessions do you recommend? – I usually recommend 2-3 sessions and often you may come with a different focus (ie one week it’s their tummy, the next it’s their ears or teething etc). 

Can I have reflexology and the baby at the same time? – yes absolutely! Please do check out my mother & baby reflexology page. 

How to Book & Cost

 If you’re a new client – it would be lovely to meet you and your little one please click here to contact me  or feel free to pop me a message on social media or email me at . If you’re an existing client, you can book your next session via my booking page 

Each 20 minute session is £18 for Foot Reflexology. This includes the reflexology treatment for baby plus some verbal and written/pictorial guidance (if you would like it) about how you support your baby with reflexology at home.