Crystal Therapy & Crystal Reflexology

With Lizzie Potter Therapy in Colchester

I am so delighted to be able to launch crystal reflexology & crystal therapy. This is brand new for 2024.

Why Crystal Reflexology?

I never considered myself very ‘woo woo’, although I realised recently I have been using crystals myself for many years. Rose Quartz is the crystal for love, friendship. I saw it once described as “a bubble bath for the emotions”. For Facial Reflexology, I have historically used a Rose Quartz on your brain reflex to help physically cool the forehead, and hopefully calm you, without realising the apparent qualities. So I think I am more ‘woo woo’ than I originally thought!

I like things to be evidence-based and so I am not going to claim the crystals will heal you (much like I don’t claim reflexology can either). However, I do believe that they support with the relaxation, which in turn does help our body to rebalance.  

The scientific world is still trying to catch up. Scientists cannot say exactly ‘how’ crystals help. They know that crystals vibrate at different levels, and can generate or conduct electricity and heat. This is why crystals are used in so many of our everyday items. Crystals are used in our watches, mobile phone; in scientific and engineering machinery.

What I do know, is that when I have received crystal therapy, I feel extremely relaxed and grounded. I do like things to be scientific and evidence based as much as possible, but unfortunately there aren’t that many scientific studies into crystals or reflexology so I go with the next best thing – client feedback. Some client’s have said that it has ‘amplified’ the usual reflexology treatment benefits. I thought this was just amazing to hear (and does corroborate the science around crystals).

Who can have crystal reflexology?

Crystal therapy is a completely safe treatment that has no contraindications (it can be used for anyone). If you have a (rare) contraindication to reflexology but would like to try out crystal therapy, then please do get in touch and I can adapt the treatment for you.

What can I expect in a crystal reflexology session?

The session will start with me asking you to hold a crystal in each hand, these will usually be selenite sticks. You will be laying down for the treatment (if you are not pregnant). I will offer you a blanket so you feel cosy and safe.

I will then prepare your feet or face for reflexology by cleaning them with cleanser and a warm towel. Then I begin the reflexology, and then about halfway into the treatment I will start applying the crystals.

What crystals do you use and where?

I use a crystal pendulum (which in my case is tigers eye) to check which points of your body (also known as chakra points) would benefit from a crystal. Sometimes not all areas or chakras will ‘ask’ for a crystal.

There are 7 Chakra Sites; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown. I may also apply a crystal at your feet, or any other area that you may have an issue in.

There are a number of different crystals that I use; I don’t tend to choose these – my pendulum does that.

I know this sounds a bit ‘whacky’, and I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t still amaze me – but it is amazing how the pendulum works. You ask it a question and it swings one way for ‘yes’ and the other for ‘no’.

How much does a crystal reflexology treatment cost?

The cost is £50 for Foot Crystal Reflexology (65 minutes), or £53 for Facial Crystal Reflexology (55 minutes)

Can I have the crystal therapy as a stand alone treatment?

Yes absolutely! This would be £45.00 for an hour’s treatment. But I really would recommend you try it with reflexology too.

How do I book?

You can click here for a variety of ways to book your treatment.