Things that don’t matter – Reflexology in Colchester

odd socks reflexology colchester

Are you looking for reflexology in Colchester but not sure where to go, or who to book with? I get it, you want to find the right person for you.

There are lots of things that don’t matter when you’re coming for reflexology with me so please don’t worry if:

  • You have odd socks on
  • You have some dry skin
  • You have chipped toenail paint
  • You haven’t shaved your legs
  • You have worn flip flops so have dusty feet (I cleanse your feet before the treatment)
  • You fall asleep during a session (in fact this is actually a compliment)
  • You’ve worn make up for facial reflexology (I cleanse your face before the treatment)
  • You are wearing your comfy clothes (I actually encourage this)
  • You have a wart or verucca – I will just pop a plaster over the top.
  • You want to feel really cosy (I also encourage this and will offer you a blanket)

I am totally non-judgemental and would prefer that you will come to reflexology ‘as you are’ rather than waiting to be perfect. Your well-being matters much more to me, than how you turn up for an appointment.

Why choose to book with me?

As a qualified, insured, registered and experienced reflexologist based in Colchester, Essex, I am passionate about supporting everyone to feel as good as they possibly can. My personalised reflexology sessions are tailored to address the unique needs and concerns, providing a safe and nurturing space for relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation.

If you are in the Colchester area seeking support with naturally improving your sleep, reducing tension, improving mood, improving wellbeing and relaxation, then reflexology can offer you the care and comfort you deserve. Contact me today to schedule your reflexology sessionYou can also subscribe to my email list for free hints, tips, special offers and news here. 

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