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Reflexology during Pregnancy Colchester

pregnancy, pregnant, reflexology, colchester

Reflexology during Pregnancy – what the research says about how reflexology can help  swollen legs & ankles and anxiety.

It probably won’t surprise you that I had pregnancy reflexology throughout my whole pregnancy (and IVF – but that’s a blog post for another day). I am such a big advocate for reflexology when you’re pregnant, based on how it made me feel, and also the feedback I receive from my Colchester based reflexology clients. 

Reflexology has some great benefits including aiding sleep. If you are like me; sleep can be a challenge when you’re pregnant, either because you are feeling so nauseous, worry about rolling over onto your back, or just being uncomfortable.  It can also help to reduce tension, promote wellbeing & mood and help relax you. There is also some fascinating research into other ways it has helped other women. 

Anxiety during Pregnancy & Labour

Reflexology meant I was able to ‘switch off’ from the many concerns you have during pregnancy. I actually didn’t realise just how anxious I had been during pregnancy until C had been born and I had a chance to reflect on things. You may be interested in two separate (1&2) pieces of research have shown really brilliant results in terms of seeing a reduction in anxiety during labour. 

Swelling during Pregnancy

Another thing, you may be experiencing, and wondering whether reflexology can help you with is swollen legs and feet (aka Edema or Oedema). The swelling in my feet most days meant I couldn’t get any shoes on other than flip flops (and even those left imprints). One thing that really helped my swelling (as well as trying to keep my feet and legs up as much as possible) was reflexology! I taught my husband how to do some simple lymphatic drainage from my feet and ankles (and by the way if there is anyone reading this that wants me to show you how to do this – please do message me – I am happy to show you!). My wonderful reflexologist also provided a lot of lymphatic drainage during my sessions with her too. You could honestly see such a difference in my swelling! Not surprisingly, two small research studies totalling 75 women (3) also found that Reflexology or water immersion appears to help improve symptoms for pregnant women with leg oedema.

Is it safe throughout pregnancy?

There is a myth that you can’t have reflexology in the first trimester of reflexology. However, there is absolutely no evidence that backs that up, reflexology causes no harm but instead helps Mother Nature.  Unfortunately, the statistics do show that the majority of miscarriages occur in the first trimester, but there is no evidence that reflexology is a cause of miscarriages. I had reflexology all the way through my pregnancy, as do many others. However, I appreciate just how precious pregnancy is, so if you were really worried, you can wait until 2nd trimester, but I just wanted to reiterate that it can do no harm.

Want to find out more, or to try it for yourself?

As ever, as reflexologists, we welcome more and more research into the positive benefits of reflexology. You may see others claim that it can help lots more physical symptoms. However, we have to be careful because I (alongside many other trusted reflexologists) want to give you the full story; an evidence base to our claims. But in the meantime, why not see if reflexology can help you!? If you are looking for pregnancy reflexology in Colchester then I would love to meet you! If you would like to find out more about me then please click here or to get booked in please contact me at  or call/text/whatsapp me on 07969680289. 


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