What are my feet saying?

by Lizzie Potter, 20th March 2021

As part of my training I was introduced to the notion of ‘Foot Reading’, but it fascinated me so much I’ve done further training and bought a few books on it too!

I always tell my Clients to take Foot Reading with a pinch of salt – for some, the meanings can really resonate with them, but for others it doesn’t – this isn’t an exact science because your feet are influenced by so many things; emotional and physical. Where things are seen your foot is also important; for example if it is in your toes this could be related to your thoughts or opinions, but if it is around the ball of your foot it could be around your feelings and emotions and so on.

Some examples of the things that I often see and what they can mean emotionally:

  1. The colour of your feet (which I have noticed can change quite quickly during treatment)
    • Blue or black tinged; could mean stagnation (emotionally), depressed like a black cloud is hovering over you.
    • White or very pale; could mean that you feel exhausted, wiped out.
    • Red – very excited, passionate or angry.
    • Pink – feeling balanced
  2. Veruccas could be a deep-rooted that is emotionally eating away at you. If it is on the ball of your foot under your big toe this could relate to how you feel about yourself; your own self-esteem, thoughts and opinions; you may be too hard on yourself!
  3. Webbed toes – now this depends on which toes are webbed but for example if it is the second and third toe webbed, this can mean that you don’t feel like doing something, then nobody is going to be able to persuade you otherwise. You may be motivated by how actions and events make you feel.
  4. Cracked skin – again this is important to know where it is on the foot, but often means someone is feeling divided or unsure about something. For me, when I suddenly developed cracks on my heels (they seemed to just appear one day and I hadn’t done anything differently in my foot care) I agreed with the foot readers who suggest this means I had an obstacle to overcome before I could move forward. At this time I had two big obstacles, one of which was setting up Lizzie Potter Therapy during the coronavirus pandemic.
  5. Athletes Foot – could mean someone is annoying you, questioning you and feeling like they are hindering you
  6. Arches – now this is one area where I have disagreed with the guru Jane Sheehan so I will give her thoughts, and then my own
    • Lowered/fallen arches – Jane thinks this indicates someone who doesn’t like to be left alone; it can be draining and so they naturally seek the company of others. I have to say I disagree with this – I have read a number of people with flat feet (me included) who love and cherish their own company.
    • High arches – Jane thinks that these people are highly independent and love their own company, and find being in group settings draining. Now again, I have to say I disagree with this too because I have read a number of people with high arches who love socialising and spending time in groups.
  7. The colour of your nail varnish can also mean something too!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog today, as ever, if you have any questions or comments please do send them to me at info@lizziepottertherapy.co.uk I love hearing from you!

Information based on my training at Jackie Hamilton School, additional training by Sam Belyea & Books by Jane Sheehan – Let’s Read our Feet! & The Foot Reading Coach.

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