Frequently Asked Questions


Foot Reflexology (1 hour) £45.00

Facial Reflexology (50 minutes) £48.00

Parent & Baby Reflexology (60 minutes) £45.00 for Foot or £48.00 for Facial

Foot and Facial Reflexology (75 minutes) £59.00

Deluxe Foot and Facial Reflexology (90 minutes) £69.00

Zone Face Lift Express (60 minutes) £58.00

Zone Face Lift Deluxe (90 minutes) £78.00

Baby Reflexology (20 mins) £18.00

Can you visit me at home?

Yes absolutely! I can travel 20 minutes (one way) from my home clinic at CO4 5DY. I do charge an additional £5-7 to cover my travel and set up costs.

How do I book?

If you’re a new customer please contact me or send me a message to register.

Existing customers can book here… or by clicking on the little calendar floating on the bottom right of your screen…

Or, if you would prefer, you can contact me and I can book you in.

Can anyone have Reflexology?

Most people can yes, but there may be medical reasons why I may not be able to treat you until you have the go-ahead from a medical professional. These are usually for conditions that are still not fully settled or managed such as a newly diagnosed DVT, or if you are due to have an operation soon. If you aren’t sure, please do send me a message – most conditions I can work with.

I have ticklish feet, is foot Reflexology for me?

Reflexology is a gentle, massage of the feet and everyone I have asked has said it isn’t ticklish – even those with the most sensitive ticklish feet. However if it is really not for you, we can swap and do the routine on your hands or face instead. (But, in the past 4 years I have never needed to do this because people realise it isn’t ticklish)

I have a verruca or wart, can I have Reflexology?

Veruccas are very common, if you have one all I would ask is that we cover it with a plaster. You can do this before your treatment, or I can pop a plaster on for you. This is to stop me spreading the verucca infection across your feet.

If you would prefer, we could also do Facial Reflexology.

Do you cut nails or remove hard skin?

No, because I’m not trained to do this. If you need some hard skin removed, toenails cut, or if something is worrying you; please see a Podiatrist. You can find the register here to find a Podiatrist local to you.

How much information do you need?

I do require a completed consultation form before your session. I will email this to you at the time of booking. When you arrive on the day this means I can spend more time on your feet or face, rather than the paperwork.

Can I book an Employee Wellbeing or Pamper Party?

Yes, I absolutely love doing these! If you would like to provide wellbeing treatments to your staff, or friends I would be happy to help! I charge £55 per hour for locations in or near Colchester (this is to cover my costs for my travel, set-up time & laundry etc). I recommend a minimum of 15 minutes per person, although 20-30 minutes per person is even better. I can also work with a few other therapists too if your event needs more than just me!

Is your clinic accessible?

My clinic treatment room is upstairs. However, if you have difficulty mobilising I may be able to come to your home. I offer a mobile Reflexology session within a 5 mile radius of my clinic. There is an additional fee of £5 per treatment to cover my travel time and expenses. Please message me for further details, or to book in.

Why do you recommend Foot or Face Reflexology rather than hand reflexology?

Feet are usually bigger than your hands so because of this it is easier to effectively ‘work’ on each reflex. I also think it is more relaxing to have your feet worked on, after all the strain they take – they deserve a pamper!

It’s the same principle for your face too, the face is super relaxing to have a treatment on and the reflex areas are slightly bigger for me to work on.

I have a fungal nail, can I have foot Reflexology?

Again, fungal nails are very common. I would ask that it is covered with a plaster (I can do this if you would prefer), this is to stop the spread to other nails.

I hate my feet, I think I’ll be too embarrassed to show them, or for you to touch them.

Honestly, I have seen so many feet – all unique and different and I promise that none have ever ‘grossed me out’. I can promise you that your feet really aren’t as bad as you think! If you are worried please do contact me and send me a photo of your feet so I can reassure you.

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